Our Vision

To provide excellent services not only in the residential and commercial Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing field but also in the Assembly and Handyman fields. We are focus in most of the Tampa Bay Area

Our Mission

  • 1. To hold consistency in the arrangement of our superb cleaning administrations.
  • 2. Keeping up our current customers by keeping up magnificence in our arrangement of administrations and services and urging referrals to new and potential customers through our quality services and cost.
  • 3. To keep up our expansiveness in scope of specialisms by holding staff learning and experience.
  • 4. Interest in the preparation and improvement of staff, tools and company development to the advantage of all.
  • 5. Asset concentrate on keeping up cleaning gauges with existing staff and company development.
  • 6. By always searching out new contractual workers around the US with whom we can work with. By contributing time and assets to guaranteeing that these contractual workers reliably work to our measures.